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Doug and Sara Lindsay at Surf Expo

Sara and Doug Lindsay 

 We’re a father-daughter team based in Venice, Florida that enjoys surfing, motorcycling, and other fun activities. We understand the allure of surfing as a way to grow and to feel a greater sense of connection to nature and our tribe of outdoor enthusiasts.

Our inventory of affordable surfing accessories and surf-friendly products has grown over the years since launching our website in 1999. We appreciate the opportunity of supporting our loyal and new customers. "HANDS ON SURFING" is about embracing the genuine passion many of us feel for the surfing lifestyle.

In the early days, we’d have locals slapping our stickers on their boards. Now we offer everything you could need delivered right to your door. We still want to be the guys out there on the beach handing out stickers and cheering you on, but when you can’t make it out - we’ll bring Surfers Warehouse right to you.

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