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About Us

Surfers Warehouse™

Doug and Sara Lindsay 

Aloha! We’re Surfers Warehouse — a father-daughter team based in Venice, Florida. 
We started out as a tiny, DIY shop. Now our small family business has grown, and we can offer so much more — all with the same small, local feel. 
Over the last 20+ years, we’ve shipped you boxes out of tiny shacks and RVs and even our homes. While we loved being limitless and global with our online presence, we never lost sight of our dream: seeing your ugly mugs walk through the front door of our very own surf shop. 
Now, we’re back in person, and we’re stoked to be here. 
And don’t worry — our online shop isn’t going anywhere. Sure, we want to be the guys out there on the beach handing out stickers and cheering you on. But if you can’t make it out, we’ll always bring Surfers Warehouse right to you. 
We’ll see you out there: on the site, on the water or in our very own, brand-spankin’-new surf shop. 
—Doug and Sara Lindsay 


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