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Tips on Taking Care of Your Surfboard

Tips on Taking Care of Your Surfboard

Tips on Taking Care of Your Surfboard

Your favorite surfboard is a prized possession that deserves plenty of TLC. It’s easy with consistent effort and some helpful products. Here’s a few tips for taking care of your surfboard to extend its lifespan.  

The Basics Matter

Most surfers begin with good intentions about taking care of their board until they become distracted by another project. A good habit is to focus on cleaning and maintenance as soon as you return home. Make the care of your board part of your surfing experience. That’s the single smartest way to keep your board in tip top shape for as long as possible.

Importance of Cleaning

Experienced surfers keep their boards clean and ready for the next visit to the beach, river, waterpark, or wherever else. A clean board lasts longer and performs better. Cleaning includes removing the wax, rinsing with fresh water, and drying with an absorbent towel. Salt water will damage your board if it’s left on the surface for an extended period of time. For wax removal, begin by letting the sun loosen the wax for 5-10 minutes before using a comb for scraping off the slightly melted wax.

Wax Removal Products to Remove Wax from your surfboard 

Wax Removal Products

Here are a handful of reliable products for removing wax. Sticky Bumps Wax Remover removes wax easily with a cloth. The Wax Buddy Wax Comb / Scraper and the Sex Wax Comb Bone are two useful tools. Many surfers prefer The Pickle as their go to tool for removing wax. All it takes is a little pressure and making sure you hit all the spots that have waxy residue. Helpful Products.   

Repair Dings, Chips and Cracks

Inspect your board carefully after each outing and do any maintenance right away before storing your board. Minor dings, chips and cracks can become a bigger problem if they’re ignored. Ding repair kits make the job easier. They are essential for keeping water out of the board’s foam core. There are plenty of reliable products depending on your specific needs. That includes these products from Ding All – Sun Cure Polyester Repair Kit, Standard Polyester Repair Kit, Super Polyester Repair Kit, and the Super Epoxy Repair Kit. Surfco also offers reliable repair kits including their Quick Fix Instant Ding Kit and their Rubberized Quick Fix Ding Repair Kit. Consider a local surf shop to repair more serious dings and cracks. Helpful Products

A lot of dings and chips occur when a surfer is transporting their surfboard to and from the beach. That’s why many surfers secure their board in a board bag when their surfing outing has ended for the day.

Storage Racks

Storing your surfboard in a secure position will reduce the possibility of an accident or other damage. That can include using the board leash to secure the board on a J-hook or directly from the ceiling. A surfboard rack mounted on the wall offers additional security. 

You have lots of options when it comes to racks in terms of their design and the materials used to make them. That includes racks made of wood, plastic, soft foam, aluminum, and even steel. Whatever your choice, make sure there is sufficient padding to protect your board.

Most surfboard racks either display the board horizontally or vertically. Stand-up racks are easy to move around and feature individual slots for holding your boards. Wall mounted racks allow your board to lay horizontally with even distribution of the weight. Some are sturdy enough to hold longboards. One of our favorites is the mounted rack from Puna Surf Company. It’s very durable and expandable with its unique interlocking puzzle design. Learn More.

More Storage Tips

Always keep the rails, tail and nose of your surfboard off the ground to minimize damage and accidents. Never leave your surfboard in a car or truck bed on a hot day. A car rack is a better option since a car can get hot quicker and stay hot longer. Remember, sunshine and heat are often part of the fun, but too much of either can harm a perfectly good surfboard. Intense UV rays will discolor your board. It’s not just the color either. Over time, the UV rays can weaken the protection provided by the layers of fiberglass, leading to more dings and dents.

Not everyone has the luxury of storing their surfboard indoors. Use towels or other items to protect your surfboard if it's resting outside, and make sure your boards are tucked away securely away from direct sun and rain. 

Surfboard Bags

Regular board bags and insulated bags are helpful for protecting your board when you travel, but they also provide extra protection when you are storing your board at home. The bags help to minimize the adverse impact of prolonged direct sunlight. Helpful Products.

Surfboard Socks

A variation of the bag is a surfboard sock made of cloth that slides over the entire board. The snug-fitting sock is not as protective as a storage bag, but they’re an inexpensive option for protecting your board. Helpful Products.

Pay Attention

Surfers know the importance of studying wave patterns and being alert to other surfers nearby. In the context of our article about protecting your board, remember to stay alert to avoid shallow reefs and rocks when paddling or surfing near the shore. 

Surfing checking out possible surfing spot

Taking care of your prized surfboard or any board will enhance its longevity and performance.

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