Holiday Gift Items for The Surfer In Your Life

There are many options for holiday gift items for the surfer in your family or circle of friends. Not just for the traditional holiday season, but birthdays and other occasions any time of the year. 

The ultimate gift for a surfer is a new surfboard, but that’s a big investment ($300-$1,000 or more) and it requires knowledge about the surfer and their preferences in terms of a board’s volume (length, width and height), and the types of waves they typically ride. In lieu of a surfboard, we’ll focus on a handful of accessories that are surfer-friendly and affordable.

Surfboard Leashes – Low Cost 

The surfboard leash is an essential item that helps a surfer stay connected to their board. That’s important for safety and efficiency since few surfers want to spend a lot of time chasing their board. Most leashes range from 6 to 12 feet in length. The ideal length is the same length as the board or a bit longer. 


Products: Surfboard Leashes 

Wax Removal Products – Low Cost 

Removing excess wax is part of the surfing experience and essential for taking care of a surfboard. Sticky Bumps Wax Remover removes wax easily with a cloth. The Wax Buddy Wax Comb / Scraper and the Sex Wax Comb Bone are two useful tools. Many surfers prefer The Pickle as their go to tool for removing wax. 

Wax Buddy Wax Comb Scraper

Products: Wax and Wax Removal Tools

Repair Dings, Chips and Cracks – Low Cost

Enjoying surfing also means occasional dings, chips and cracks to a surfboard. That’s why repair kits are a good and inexpensive gift item. The goal is to keep water out of the board’s foam core. Ding All provides a variety of trusted products including Sun Cure Polyester Repair Kit, Standard Polyester Repair Kit, Super Polyester Repair Kit, and the Super Epoxy Repair Kit. Surfco also offers reliable repair kits including their Quick Fix Instant Ding Kit and their Rubberized Quick Fix Ding Repair Kit.



Products: Board Repair and Repair Kits 


The Indo Board with Roller – Higher Cost

The Indo Original with Roller is great for sports training, rehab and balance therapy. The product allows a surfer to practice staying upright to mimic riding a wave. Using this product strengthens the core muscles used for surfing and other sports like snowboarding and skiing. 

Indo Board with Roller

Product Information: Indo Board with Roller 

Surfing Books - Low Cost

There are many books that would interest a new or experienced surfer. They include Surfer’s Start-Up: A Beginner’s Guide to Surfing by Doug Werner, and Longboarder’s Start-UP: A Guide to Longboard Surfing also by Doug Werner. Other books can focus on a surfing destination like Hawaii, Costa Rica, or Mexico.


Beginner's Guide to Surfing

Beginner's Guide To Surfing

Longboarder's Start-Up: A Guide to Longboard Surfing

Surfing Hawaii: A complete Guide To The Hawaiian Islands' Best Breaks

The Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica

The Surfer's Guide to Mainland Mexico

Storage Racks for Home & Car – Medium Cost

There are lots of options when it comes to racks in terms of their design and the materials used to make them such as wood, plastic, soft foam, aluminum, and steel. Racks can display boards horizontally or vertically. Stand-up racks are easy to move around and feature slots for holding individual boards. Wall mounted racks allow the board to lay horizontally with even distribution of the weight. Some racks are sturdy enough to hold longboards. One of our favorites is the mounted rack from Puna Surf Company. It’s very durable and expandable with its unique interlocking puzzle design.


Puna Surf Company Surfboard Wall Rack

 Products: Surfboard Racks

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