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APSPR The official site for the Association of Professional Surfers of Puerto Rico
Official website of Association of Surfing Professionals.
BCSA British Columbia Surfing Association, Canada.
Big Stick Surfing Association Promoting the art of longboard surfing. SPL GLisse (boardridingsports Cluster)
Boreriders Official website of Severn Bore Riding Club.
C.O.L.C. The Coalition of Surfing Clubs.
Comité Côte Basque de Surf Surfing in Basque Country France.
Cult Aid Cult Industries' program helping Indonesians end poverty
Dee Why oldest surfing fraternity in Australia
Delmarva ESA Official website for Deleware, Maryland body of the ESA
E.S.A. Official website for Eastern Surfing Association.
East Coast Wahines Homepage of the East Coast Wahine Championships.
EHSF Euskal Herriko Surf Federazioa.Basque Surfing Federation
E.S.F. Official website for European Surfing Federation.
EuroSIMA. Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (Europe).
FSCR Federacion de Surfing Costa Rica, Central America
Federacion de Surf Puerto Rico Puerto Rico's umbrella organization
Federación Española de Surf Official website of Spanish Surfing Federation
Federation Francaise de Surf Official site for competitive surfing in France
Groundswell Society
Society dedicated to global surfriding.
H.L.F. Official website for Hawaiian Longboard Federation.
Indonesian Pro Surfing Tour The ISC is the sanctioning body for professional surfing in Indonesia.
Irish Surfer Independant Irish Surfers website
ISA Official website of International Surfing Association.
ISF Official website of Interscholastic Surfing Federation.
IWS International Womens Surfing supporting womens surfing
JLRA Official website of Jersey Longboard Riders Association.
NSSA Official website of National Scholistic Surfing Association.
PSTA Official website of Pro Surfing Tour of America.
Quiksilver Initiative dedicated to environmental protection
SALSA South Africa Longboard Surfing Association
S.A.S. Official website of Surfers against Sewage.
Save The Waves Coalition dedicated to preserving surf spots
SDSL Official website for San Diego Surf Ladies Organisation.
SIMA. Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (USA).
Surf-Aid Dedicated to providing medical aid to indigenous people.
Surfing Australia Official website for Surfing in Australia.
Surfing Barbados Official website for Barbados Surfing Association.
Surfing Benelux Benelux Surfing Association oOfficial website.
Surfing Britain Official website for British Surfing Association.
Surfing BC Official website for British Columbia Surfing Association.
Surfing Channel Islands Official website for Channel Islands Surfing Federation.
Surfing Costa Rica Official website for Federation of Surfing Costa Rica
Surfing Ecuador Official website of Ecuador´s Surfing Federation, FESURF.
Surfing Euskadi Euskadi Surfing Federation website in Basque language.
Surfing France Official website of Federation Francaise de Surf.
Surfing Germany Official website for Deutsche Wellenreit Verband
Surfing Ireland Information website for Irish Surfing Association.
Surfing Israel Official website of Israel Surfing Association.
Surfing Japan Official website of Nippon Surfing Association.
Surfing Jersey Official website of Jersey Surfboard Club.
Surfing Mexico Website for Federacion Mexicana de Surfing.
Surfing Morocco Information website Surfing in Morocco.
Surfing New Zealand Information website Surfing in New Zealand.
Surfing Portugal Official website of Portuguese Surfing Federation.
Surfing Switzerland Official website of Swiss Surfing Association.
Surfing Tahiti Official website for Federation Tahitienne de Surfing.
Surfing Thailand Unofficial website for Thailand Surfing.
Surfing UruguayOfficial website of Union de Suerf del Uruguay.
Surfing USSF Official website of United States Surfing Federation.
Surfing Wales Official website of Welsh Surfing Federation.
Surfsolidaire Organisation providing used surf equipment to developing nations.
Western Surfing Association West Coast regional member of Surfing America
Womens Sports Foundation Dedicated to Womens Surfing and all womens sports.
Welsh Surfing Federation Official website for the Welsh Surfing Federation activities
Western Surfing Association Oldest amateur surfing association in the world
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